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To all writers, how is the craft going?

Wow, goddamn, it's been a trying year. I'm back in college, making sure that this time I could do better for myself. And still have fun while doing it. I figured it's not so bad; you can make progress while enjoying the process. So right now, I'm taking things slow but efficient, and still catch up with my otaku duties. I've just finished The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya which is quite spectacular. I should have watched the series earlier. Suffice to say, my writing prowess is lurking contentedly, willing to sit through a break to give way to my college obligations. And that's cool. I quite enjoy writing without the head-crushing pressure of publication. I mean, I can proudly say I have been a better, more mature writer than I was two years ago when I first joined FFnet and LJ. I used to think writing is about how fast you can write a chapter and update the story. I used to beat myself up when I can't come up with something to please the majority of readers. I used to be such a snob when my flaws are pointed out to me by complete strangers. But now, I guess I'm fairly happy to be writing not only for my whims alone but also to improve. I guess revising/proofreading my stories taught me that the mere desire to be a writer is not enough. I need to train myself in certain habits and hard work. This year I am learning to take a professional stance toward my work, original or fanfiction. I am willing to make the compromises and commitment. So that's why I intend to update my public eljay since this is my online working journal. I should monitor my progress just to cheer myself up everytime I feel like I'm such a loser with my craft. Self-affirmation can take a while but the rewards of granting myself that are worth the trouble.

I wanna know how my other fellow writers are up to. I really wanna know how everyone's work is paying off.

How do you approach writing? How much time do you dedicate yourself to work on it? Do you ever look at a previous fanfic you have published and figured that you can do better? What sort of sacrfices are you willing to give up in order to write more progressively?

And of course, the up sides: What makes you happy as a writer by the end of the day? What is your greatest accomplishment all throughout your writing experiences? How do you reward yourself?
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