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25 August 2009 @ 09:14 pm
La Corda d' Oro SMUT!  
Title: Sophomore, Chapter Two
Author: Harley Cooper
Fandom: La Corda d' Oro
Pairing: Amou Nami/ Tsukimori Len
Rating: M
Prompt: #49 Think of all the things your hands could make
AN/Disclaimer: I decided to use the Lime Table prompts as a design for the chapters of one of my LCDO fics found in FFNet.


In the brightest of lights, Tsukimori seemed invincible with the violin under his chin and his fingers on the strings. His whole frame was poised in a serenading stance and almost looked hypnotic. Amou was tempted to take out her camera and snap a picture from this spectacular performance but she wasn't even moving in her seat. She dared not to breathe. He was quite the talented dude, this Tsukimori. Amou bit her tongue in vain, denying she wanted the feel of those fingers because of the way he caressed his instrument with such knowing precision; denying she also wanted the very same fingers to leave imprints on her flesh. She isn't sure if anyone will share her opinion but watching a classical concours is an erotic experience indeed.

But then again, everything with Amou would be considered erotic. Not a lot of people know this but she pays attention to the tiniest raunchy details of some of her schoolmates: what kind of lay they are, how well they can get satisfied, possible fetish or aphrodisiacs they aren't aware themselves, including the push it takes to make them submit. Amou keeps a notebook for this stuff.

Since the concours had started, so is her voracious obsession for the selected contestants. Hino Kahoko is a fascinating girl, Amou admits, and if she's ever in a playful mood she might just seduce the sweet thing. No. At least not yet. She should observe and take more notes before she makes an attempt to prowl.

This afternoon, however, she has never been more confident.

Tsukimori was immediately annoyed as she approached, his eyebrows already knit in contrition. His face was as unwelcoming as his crossed arms above his chest, making him look ten times grouchier than she remembered the first time she invaded his privacy. But he remains stoic in his place, even as Amou brushed a stray of fallen hair on his shoulder. His eyes widened for a while when she came in contact, but he said nothing.

I don't want any interviews from you, Amou-san,” he said in a quiet but demanding voice.

She had to tip her chin a little higher when she talks to him like this, and sometimes, as rare as it is, her eyes would glide around his whole face, until she was gazing at the dullness of his eyes eluding his boredom, or even the slight smirk on his lips if she says anything that would amuse his surly sense of humor. Right now she told him about his notoriety as a violin prodigy and how it seems like Hino has more natural talent than he does. Amou revealed that, according to her reliable resources, Hino only learned to play the violin just this year and already she's becoming better in a fast rate that left Amou perplexed. Tsukimori chooses not to respond to this. Instead he turned around, preparing to walk out of there.

This is when Amou grabbed his elbow. His eyes fell on the tight clutch of her fingers wrapped around his arm and he wasn't pleased. “I have no time to waste on you.”

Stay for a while, Tsukimori-kun.” She winks. “I'm sure violin practice can wait.”

It can't.” Tsukimori took another step away. “If you don't let go of me this instant--”

Just a couple more questions,” Amou released her grip but she kept her hand there. “I won't keep you from anything that would be considered that important, Tsukimori-kun. Do you even take a break? Do that once in a while. It might help control your mood swings.”

He was about to retort to that but she kept on, “Always puffing smoke in your nostrils, always walking away from people while they're talking to you. You're not Mr. Happy Face, I get that. But clearly you must be mishandling your stress if you're this moody.”

I'm not--”

Oh yeah? How do you explain collapsing in a feverish state after I repeatedly probed you questions about your parents' arrival here in school?”

Tsukimori's expression darkened. “That certainly is your fault now that I think about it. Thank you for reminding me, Amou-san. I suggest you find other alternatives to torment.”

But don't you see you're my only option right now!”

I refuse to believe that.” He pulls his arm away from her. “Aren't you more interested on Hino-san and this mysterious natural talent she has?”

We'll get to that.” Amou smiles, takes a step forward and brushes something on Tsukimori's shoulder again even if there wasn't really anything there. With her hand touching that spot, it was easy to lower it down to his chest and grab hold of his red tie in a sudden rush of urgency. Tsukimori didn't have ample time to react to what was about to happen. Amou pulled him down and whispered you shouldn't be so rude to me, Tsuki-kun, and quickly plants a kiss on those unprepared lips. With his breath caught on his throat, he remained still for several seconds before he pushed her off but with reluctance she took note of. The violin prodigy stared at her incredulously, his eyes larger and his frown more prominent than they were earlier. He just watched her, his anger obvious, for a moment. And then he turned away; walked off without so much as another glance.

Amou was pleased with herself.




Of course the next day after that, Tsukimori just disappeared. He must be avoiding her, she thought, but this does not discourage what she has in mind. She had her camera with her, taking photos of every class for the coming school yearbook. She was right when she thought Tsukimori was there; he can't possibly miss this. It's mandatory and Tsukimori is nothing if not an anal-retentive robot. Amou giggled when she saw how dangerously close it was for Tsukimori's frown to rip his face off while he stood there to pose for her camera. It gave her an idea just how she wanted Tsukimori to succumb to her one of these days.

Amou-san?” Hino walked by the classroom just as Amou finished taking the picture.

Ah, can I help you with something?” She flashed a grin at Tsukimori, dangling the camera around as if saying she managed to get a close-up of him. And yes, she did.

Fuyumi-chan and I were wondering if you can help us go shopping again this weekend.” Hino blushed. “Of course, I don't want to impose on you. But I think you're the only person I know who is very good with clothes.”

I'm flattered that you would invite me.” Amou cocked her head to the side and took both Hino's hands. “I'll be there, don't worry.”

Oh, thanks. I'm glad you can make it then.”

Amou let her go and rushed towards Tsukimori. “Hey there! Can we talk?”

The perpetual frowner just glared at her. He was walking out of the room. Amou decided to follow him. He stopped in a corner and turned to her, his face now flushed in disdain. “What do you suppose we should do about your inappropriate behavior yesterday, Amou-san? I have the right reason to report you to the principal's office. What you did could be characterized as harassment. You do know that.”

I'm sorry you feel that way.”

Don't patronize me. You have no idea how I feel.” He started walking off again.

Amou grabbed his arm and pushed him right at the corner of the staircase so nobody could see them. He wasn't going to let her have her way this time, and she could see the determination in his eyes. With a surprising grip iron, Tsukimori took both her wrists as Amou tried to pull away from him with a feeble attempt. “Dammit, Tsukimori-kun, I was just fooling around. It was a joke! Okay, it was in poor taste at that, but still!”

He didn't let her go. That strange air he used hold up so well was beginning to collapse. This quite freaked her out. She gulped. “You're not seriously thinking of hurting me!”

Why did you do it?” The fury shook in his voice, but there was a tinge of curiosity in those eyes too. It must have been eating him inside. He must have been so worked out trying to figure out the mindlessness of her brutal gesture yesterday. And it's just the way Amou wants it.

She relaxed on his grip, closing her eyes as she explained. “Look, Tsukimori-kun, I have no reason at all. I just looked at you and realized you're cute and I guess I wasn't thinking straight. It was spur-in-the-moment, you see. I didn't meant for it to get like this.”

Like hell she didn't.

Tsukimori scoffed. “That has got to be the most stupid justification I've heard. What kind of person goes around kissing people?”

The kind who's used to kissing people without preamble.

I told you. It's not like I've ever done something like that.” Amou cringed when his clutch continued to hurt. He looks convinced about something and it's too early to figure out what it is. Normally he would have backed down and left her alone. Tsukimori Len is not one for arguing in circles; she observed in several occasions that he doesn't have the patience when it comes to dealing with people's B.S. So this is very uncharacteristic of him.

I don't think it's wise for me to believe you.” Tsukimori's grip was inescapable even if his back was the one leaning on the wall and Amou was the one who shoved him there. The corner seems to shrink around them and it's starting to feel like Amou is being played instead of the other way around.

She had to blink several times before this whole thing registered in her mind. She fought the impulse to laugh at his face, considering she's the one at fault here. But goddamn, Tsukimori had never looked so good when an emotion is raw on his face like this. His eyes are so alive. His hands are stronger than she anticipated as he forced her to meet his glare. She could feel the numbness of her skin against his fingers. Needless to say, Amou is too hot, too excited, to be able to control herself any longer. If Tsukimori doesn't let go, she'll be forced to take action. And if the snob golden boy knows what's good for him, he should walk away now.

Tsukimori-kun,” she tried reasoning with him. “Don't do this. I said I'm sorry, okay? Let's not blow this whole thing out of proportion. I don't think we have to do that. Don't you?”

Finally, his fingers loosened their clutch but those piercing eyes abandoned his intent. When he let her go, Amou made her move. She took one of his hands and in a knowing way that is a product of experience, she coated two of those magnificent fingers inside her mouth. She bit lightly on the flesh and he winced. He was going to push her off once more but she gripped his right shoulder and shoved him further to the wall. She could be persuasive when she wants to be.

He protested. “What do you think--!”

The bell resonates around the empty corridor and Amou heard the heavy running footsteps on some students who rushed by but ignored them. It couldn't get any better. They're completely alone now.

She expected for Tsukimori to struggle. His movements were hesitant though, as if he's not sure if this is really happening to him or how he's going to put a stop to this. Amou would like to think it's also because he's not sure if he doesn't like this at all, that maybe he was curious just as she was and that it will make things easier if he just stands still and let Amou get on with her business. She withdrew his fingers from her mouth and whispers, “this will only take a while.”

There's no mistake in those eyes. He was considering her proposal.

Amou took both his hands now, massaging them in earnest affection. His breathing was normal enough but the conflict in his gestures suggest otherwise. This was new to him and it was quite easy to see that as much as he may hate her for what she's doing now, her imposition is not altogether unwelcome. Amou plans to make the most out of that. It's not everyday that opportunity like this lands on her feet. If she's careful, she might just execute her plan to perfection; being able to corrupt someone like Tsukimori, having Hino admit to her own fantasies...everything will become superb when the right time comes.

You're not a very nice person, Tsukimori-kun.” Amou placed both her hands on either side of his face, pulled him down to her height and kissed his lips in a savage manner. As shocked as he was with this development, he managed to get her off him by clutching at her elbows. Then he takes a step forward while holding her in place, away from close proximity. Apparently his desire to resist her was not that strong because he still stood there, waiting for her to make another move. Amou stared right into his eyes, accepting the challenge. What she demonstrated earlier was just mere formality. Now she's serious.

As classes went on inside the rooms, Amou was teaching a lesson of her own. She grabbed Tsukimori by the back of his head, burying her nails on his scalp as she yanked his hair. He read what she's planning and he was faster to react. With one swift move he slammed her against the wall this time, and didn't even care that her hand was still on his hair. With her other free hand, she slaps him for motivation but this only aroused his anger.

You really are asking for it.” His voice was raspy and low, but Amou detected something else in his tone, something she's been waiting for. Tsukimori cupped Amou's jaw and forced her to suck on his fingers just as she was doing earlier. He looks surprised with what he was doing but he was overcame by an intense interest for what this newfound control gives him. For the first time since she knew him, he almost looks sinister. His usually melancholic eyes are tainted with something dark; his ice-cold manner fueled with cruelty she couldn't recognize before. So he's capable of feeling something terrible and acting on it after all, she mused, even as she tried not to choke with three of his fingers insider her mouth.

Is this what you want?” Tsukimori removed his fingers for a while to hear her answer.

You're not giving me anything I haven't gotten from other tight wads like you.” Amou used this chance to slap him on the cheek once more. “You don't scare me.”

Amou did have her fair share of almost-rape circumstances with her one-night stands. This wasn't supposed to bother her but it is a little unnerving to see someone as calm and repressed as Tsukimori to lose his head this time.

Then don't look at me like that.” He took a step back and she released her grip on his hair. Her hand swept across his bruised cheek and she watched the fire in his eyes wither away.

I am truly sorry that I upset you.” she says, meaning it.

He scoffed and turned away. Amou retreated back a little when she saw how his hands were trembling. He seems to be staring at them as if in disbelief. My, my, could he be this easy to break? That wasn't even the worst thing Amou could put someone through.

Tsukimori-kun?” she approached bravely, tapping his shoulder. When there was no response, she walked towards the other side to face him. She saw that his eyes are closed like he's in deep repose. Slowly, she reached out to take both his hands. His eyes remained shut.

I know you can hear me.” Amou whispers. She's trying to soothe him. “I need you to listen, Tsukimori-kun. What we did was normal, okay? It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's not something you should regret. We all go down that path sooner or later. It's what happens when our bodies develop. Sometimes it feels like you can't trust yourself or your feelings when stuff like this happens to you.”

I don't like it one bit.” He finally looks at her face and he grips her hands. His fingers, god, they're perfect, Amou thought.

She continues to caress his doubts. “It's all right. Don't be afraid of this. If your body wants it then you should give in to it once in a while. It's not healthy to keep things inside all the time, you know. Tsukimori-kun, you can trust me.”

Trust you?” His eyes narrowed. And then he withdraws his hands and shoves them into his pockets as if they repulsed him.

Just imagine.” Amou reached towards him again, placing her hands on the side of his pants, touching his hands inside the pockets they were hiding from. “Imagine you could discover these confusing feelings and find the answers so they won't scare you anymore. Imagine you could have it but what you should do first is learn to surrender.” She takes his hands once more.

Imagine this feeling,” she sucks on one finger. “And how you can have it over and over if you're willing to take a risk.”

Amou sucks on his middle finger this time. “Your fingers are sexy, Tsukimori-kun, do you know that?” Lick. “How they move across the strings of your violin..” Lick. “How trim and sinewy and well-shaped they are.” Bite. “They are going to do wonders on my own body. Do you know that, Tsukimori-kun?” Lick. Bite. Lick. Lick. Bite.

His breath gets cut short by every movement of her mouth on his fingers. He said nothing the whole time Amou runs her tongue on each tip before plunging it inside her once more.

First your hands,” she says. “And if you're lucky and patient, I could put other parts of your body inside this..” she bites two of his fingers and smiles. She withdraws them. “But you know what else, Tsukimori-kun? My mouth isn't the only thing that's wet about me.”

Tsukimori looked like he wanted to ask but was silenced when Amou slid his fingers underneath her white skirt and inside her panties. His fingers sank through the slick folds of her being. The heat between her legs was enough to make him gasp in shock and arousal when he tried to sink his fingers deeper into the moist cavern.

Amou pulled his hand away quickly. She smiles and raises a finger. “No, no, no, Tsukimori-kun! Not the right time and not the right place to go full-on. Sorry!”

With that, she runs off, satisfied that if she dangled the prospect of doing something devious like that with him, Tsukimori will soon be the one to make the initiation. He's going to break soon but not soon enough. Amou has to find another way to get Hino and that handsome Tsuchiura into this little game that they could call their own. It'll be darn hard to incorporate alcohol to the mix but with the upcoming Seiso Spring Dance, she will find a way.

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viola_canina on August 25th, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
This is fantastic! I really love your portrayal of Tsukimori, he's so prissy and... difficult to get close to, yet he still has some not-quite-innocent desires somewhere deep inside. Such things are always really fun to read about. And your Nami is awesome, too, she's such a little devil. Now I want to see Tsuchiura with them... must be fun. >D; I'm so glad that you're writing for La Corda d'Oro again, this cute shoujo universe needs more smut. >D;
Harleigh Maureen Cooper: matsukenharleycooper on August 27th, 2009 06:25 am (UTC)
I know! It really does need smut, doesn't it?

I was sort of wondering if I could also do yaoi between Tsukimori and Shimizu...since I kind of like it back in the RPG when TsukiShimi was kindda hawt XD

But seriously though, Amou and Tsuki is an interesting mix as well. Especially if Amou is sort of a nympho. XD
evanescent_ash on August 26th, 2009 10:25 am (UTC)
Grabe! Nabitin ako dun sa ending XD
Harleigh Maureen Cooper: the first kiss is a delightharleycooper on August 27th, 2009 06:26 am (UTC)
Wag ka mag-alala I can assure you, it'd get better in the next chapter. You know LCDO ba?