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Vision-Oriented: The Craft and the Fiction

It's a game and we're all just victims of love

Harleigh Maureen Cooper
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Better to write for self and have no public..
...than write for public and have no self

Cooper Writer Crafter is Harley Cooper, who writes fanfiction under a pseudonym because it gives her a comfortable status that is separate from her real-life idiosyncrasy which she occasionally cakes up with self-loathing narcissism. Over the last three years in this site, she has become more withdrawn and personal about her writing that she summoned the energy to proofread her published stories this year until she can go back to writing new chapters again. Currently in the process of improving her smut stories and novellas (A Different Kind of Sweet, Dirty Little Whore, A Little More would do, We’re all MAD here, Our Choice of Wardrobe, I’m a PERVERT?, Angelica) and will move on to her major works (Vengeance Paid, Her god is my enemy, World of Sights and Sounds) in Death Note fandom. She will then proceed to her La Corda d’ Oro fandom (Detriments in a measure, Sophomore, Code of Yunoki) and sweep some errors in her Vampire Knight fiction There isn’t a moment when and finally tweak some fragments here and there in her Prince of Tennis fiction Ornament of no intact personality. Her collection of one-shots offered in DN fandom (Humble, Seek and Rescue, Preoccupied, Red Stilettos) are now packaged into a fic entitled Misa on stilettos. Her Black Butler one-shot An angle it took will be reviewed again if necessary. She has recently published an experimental Yu Yu Hakusho fiction entitled Dirt in the snow which would hopefully garner some attention in its fandom viewers soon. Furthermore, she has deleted A mild case of entropy, her failed Ouran High School Host Club work of fiction.

Her most famous work Appetite for Enigma will be cancelled temporarily due to distasteful realization while she was re-examining the story’s plot, characters and chapters with a more professional inquiry. Cooper feels that this story offers her nothing but dissatisfaction because somewhere along its development it started to fall short. But there is a guarantee that this piece of literature can be salvaged and she is working on a draft to revise it and will be asking the avid readers about their opinion on the matter. However the public reacts, the fate of Appetite for Enigma rests solely on the author’s decision and she had chosen to rewrite it. She will present the final draft on the first week of April 2010 and would see from there how her old readers (and possibly new ones) would respond to it.

Resigned from updating new chapters for a while now, Cooper will be returning to her fanfiction duties hopefully in the following months from July to December 2009. Confidently treading on her steps, lurking in the shadows, creating and evolving into a better artist, she also acknowledges and thanks the fellow writers, readers and online friends who helped built the existing writer she is now. It took almost forever to get her into a new skin that doesn’t make her feel too insecure and with a song and prayer in her heart, she will see to it that her craft flourishes because writing is, after all, the one and only reason.


Near x Misa

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Instinctual Variant Test Results
Sexual ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Social |||||||||||| 34%
Self Preservation |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%

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"For you, my heart, ripped from my chest; I'll be eviscerated. And if I could, I would plunge my fingers through my chest and rip out my heart and give it to you; a pulpy mass of morbid diathesis. In addition to my heart, there are also small organs I want to give you. Glands. Sweetbreads. Variety meats."
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Appetite for EnigmaVengeance PaidHer God is my EnemyA Different Kind of SweetDirty Little WhoreOur Choice of WardrobeWorld of Sights and SoundsI'm a PERVERTA Little More would doWe're all MAD hereANGELICA

Detriments in a measure

Ornament of no intact personality

There is not a moment when

An angle it took

Dirt in the Snow


DEATH NOTE ❦ Misa on stilettos
LA CORDA D' ORO ❦ Sophomore

Not Barker

Egy másfajta édesség

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What we seek is some kind of compensation for what we put up with

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